Monday, 3 August 2015

July Favourites

I honestly feel like i blinked and missed July. How are we already in august?? It seriously blows my mind how fast July went.. Anyways as fast as July was I did have time to LOVE a few things! They're all makeup bits this month but I do plan to incorporate other things in the future. A few of them this month are things I had lying in the bottom of my drawer and only rediscovered and then a few of them are things I bought this month and don't know how I lived this long without.

 Sleek Face Contour Kit

This is one of those things that I have had lying in my drawer for a few months and just never got into using it. When I first got it I think the main reason it didn't get much use was because I got it in the winter when I was extremely pale so it was just way too dark for my skin. Im not saying that now I'm a bronzed goddess but now that I don't look like Caspar the Friendly Ghost I definitely get more use out of it. The highlighter in it is absolutely stunning and has the most amazing hint of gold to it that brings out your natural tan brilliantly. Its also not too harsh so its really easy to apply. Ive found with pink toned highlighters its very easy to end up looking like your just really warm instead of looking like your glowing, So this is perfect for the gold glowing look.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer

This is something that I've always loved but this month I tried a few different ways of applying it and I got it in a shade slightly lighter than my foundation so it is really highlighting and brightening. Because its summer I'm not really getting much sleep (netflix till 3am??) so this concealer is perfect for covering those dark under eyes. Ive also started applying it in a triangle so its great for giving that awake and bright look over your foundation. Overall its a must if you have never tried it!

Benefit's Roller Lash

This is one of those products that I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it..okay maybe thats a bit much but I don't know how I ever did my makeup without it. It literally changes your whole face and makeup look when you apply this on your eyelashes. I haven't picked up my eyelash curler since buying this and I haven't considered touching a different mascara. Like everything there is a few downsides to this product and one of them is taking it off. This mascara is meant to hold your lashes curled all day and that it does but it makes it a nightmare for trying to get it off. I use Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup and I've never had a problem removing eye makeup with this until now but its worth it for the amazing lashes. Another downside is that it is €27 but I honestly do think its worth it, (psst SEVENTEEN doll'd up is a great dupe for this and is €20 cheaper)

Naked 3

I got this a few months ago and again couldn't find much use for it because I was mainly a brown smokey eye type of girl but this month I decided to give it another go and IM IN LOVE. My favourites are definitely 'Nooner', 'Limit' and 'Burnout' but the whole palette is gorgeous. You can do so many looks with it aswell and nobody would ever guess they were all from the one palette.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

I've never really been good at applying liquid liner so this was a new purchase this month because somebody told me felt tip liners were the easiest to apply...And they were right. This is so simple to apply and it really is 24 hour because this does not move all day, its even a bit difficult to take off. If your like me and kind of rubbish at eyeliner give this one a go, its brilliant!

MAC Mineralize Rich lipstick

I own a couple of ordinary MAC lipsticks but seen these a few weeks ago when I went in and decided to give them a try because I get quite dry lips and these were supposed to be "great for that" and that they definitely are! This is one of the most moisturising lipsticks I've ever tried and keeps my lips moisturised all day. I even apply this under my regular lipsticks just to keep them moisturised. I got it in 'Luxe Naturale' and its a lovely summery light nude shade. Perfect for an everyday makeup look.

This was a bit of a long post today but I hope you enjoyed reading it all the same and maybe got a bit of inspiration for your next makeup shopping trip (sorryyy) Leave a comment if you also loved any of these products this month and ill talk to you soon, 
                                                                                      Love, Laura x

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