Friday, 7 August 2015

Sunsets and Seagulls


The other night I was in Howth which is a seaside town in Dublin and I seen the most amazing sunset I've seen in a long long time and as my Blog is called Summer and Sunsets I thought i would post a few pictures of the gorgeous sunset. The first few pictures are of what the sunset was like when i arrived but then it just got more amazing as the sun got lower and it looks like theres a filter on that last photo but i promise there isn't. Its hard to even express how amazing it looked in person. 

I also seen some of the biggest and scariest seagulls i have ever seen but was too scared to stay near them long enough to get a picture :(

Its going to be so hard to believe theres no filter or editing done to this picture but I promise you it was this vibrant and amazing in person!! 

Love, Laura x

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