Wednesday, 6 January 2016

10 things I learned in 2015

2015 has been a year of ups and downs but I feel like I learnt a lot in 2015 and am not the person I was this time last year. I think this post is mainly for me to look back on in a few years and remind myself of a few important things I learnt in the year I turned 16, climbed a mountain, went to Paris and went on a slightly dodgy road trip around Ireland.

So heres 10 things I learned in 2015:

1). Be adventurous. Try new things. Doing the same thing every day gets boring and trying something new isn't going to kill you (unless you decide it would be a good idea to stay in a dodgy hostel and sleep wrapped in a blanket with a t-shirt wrapped around the pillow and a chair against the door...that one wasn't the best idea...)

2). Getting your eyebrows threaded is better than getting them waxed.

3). Worrying does not change anything. You can stay up all night shaking and stressing about things but it will not effect what happens the next day it will just make you more exhausted and make whatever it is you're worrying about harder. Just remember the sun has to set so whatever it is your worried about you will get through it and you will be back in your bed saying 'I did it' in no time.

4). Not everything needs a reaction. You can walk away from something that is bothering you because it isn't your issue what someone thinks of you, thats something they have to deal with. If you let someone annoy you then it starts to effect you. So walk away..much easier.

5). Not everybody in your life is a positive thing. So let go of the bad and work to hold onto the good.

6). High-end makeup isn't always the better makeup. But sometimes it is so instead of buying three of that same lipstick that you topped up about 35 times a day just spend a bit more money on the high-end lipstick...

7).  Life is all about perspective. If you are positive and try your best to be happy and optimistic, everything will be much easier, trust me.

8). The things that are really bothering you now probably won't even be a thought in your mind in a couple of years maybe even months so don't stress about them too much.

9). Be present. Technology isn't really going to be there for you at the end of the day so spend more time offline. Family is the most important thing and being fully present with them is so much better than being fully concentrated on whatever is happening on instagram. People have souls that will eventually leave, iPhones don't.

10). Basically just try always to be a better person. Be more positive. Say yes to more. Take more chances. Try new things. Do things that your future self will thank you for.

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